Agent fined $5,000 after admitting incompetence

A general agent is being sanctioned after an insurance council investigated allegations brought to light by his former a…

P&C | April 05 2021 11:50AM
Former agent sanctioned for application misrepresentation

A former agent has agreed to pay a civil penalty for failing to properly classify client information on a number of insu…

P&C | April 05 2021 10:00AM
Former rep fined for withholding premiums from insurer

An insurance council imposed the maximum fine permitted in the case.

P&C | March 26 2021 11:30AM
Alberta Insurance Council levies maximum penalty against former agent

A former general insurance agent was fined after intentionally omitting relevant claim, conviction and payment history f…

P&C | March 08 2021 12:05PM
Former agent fined $6k for failing to remit client premiums

A regulator has slapped a former general agent with pay civil penalties after he failed to remit premiums to an insurer,…

P&C | February 08 2021 01:00PM
Terminated agent fined for misappropriating funds

A regulator is fining a former life agent the maximum penalty after the agent allegedly misappropriated client funds for…

LIFE INSURANCE | December 21 2020 01:00PM
Repeat offender slapped with $5,000 fine

An insurance agent is being fined by the Alberta Insurance Council again, after he allegedly made changes to a client’s …

LIFE INSURANCE | October 20 2020 01:16PM