The year of digital sales platforms and telemedicine

The pandemic has ushered in a slew of challenges. 2020 has accelerated a massive digital shift in the life and health in…

LIFE INSURANCE | December 28 2020 10:00AM
League adds six healthcare providers to its platform

Toronto-based, League Inc has announced it is adding six new partners to its list of health care providers on the system…

HEALTH | February 18 2020 03:30PM
Manulife announces new offerings for group benefits programs

Manulife has announced changes that it says will transform “the benefits experience for Canadians.” In particular, the c…

INVESTMENT | May 09 2019 09:30AM
Sun Life offers clients access to virtual healthcare

Sun Life announced March 8 that it is offering clients across the country access to virtual healthcare services.

HEALTH | March 12 2018 09:45AM