Regtech industry faces obstacles to growth

The regulatory and compliance business in Canada can expand exponentially in the next few years, but the lack of awarene…

INVESTMENT | September 27 2019 12:37PM
Toronto region poised for increased fintech investment

The Toronto-Kitchener-Waterloo corridor fintech ecosystem has a “significant opportunity” to increase its share of globa…

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Demographics and digital tools fundamentally changing Canadian wealth management landscape, says new report

Changing investor demographics, digital tools and new industry players are fundamentally transforming how Canadians cons…

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Almost half of Canadians would share personal information with insurers to get lower pricing

Nearly half of Canadian consumers are willing to share “significant” personal information with their bank or insurer in …

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Is Canada a fintech “laggard” or innovator?

Is Canada an ongoing straggler or a consistent innovator when it comes to financial technology?

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IIROC strategy looks to accommodate new business models

The Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) announced April 9 that it is applying a three-part str…

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Canadians’ use of online services limited by concern of cybercrime

More than half of Canadians say their concern about cybercrime limits their use of online services, says a new survey.

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