In September 2019, you witnessed the birth of the Insurance Portal and the Portail de l’assurance. Soon, we will reach our five-year anniversary! 

Faced with the advertising budget crisis that is impacting all media outlets, we chose not to sacrifice the quality and quantity of our coverage of the industry and its challenges. 

We instead decided to invest even more in the production of exclusive, accessible, value-added content. In return, we asked you to contribute by subscribing to our PRO Level membership. Today, five years later, you are now among thousands of professionals and decision-makers who have taken up this challenge by subscribing to our PRO or EXECUTIVE Levels. 

Furthermore, in recent months, over 125 companies have recognized the value of our content in the development of their human resources by taking advantage of our offer to create a corporate plan. Their employees and leaders thus benefit from exclusive content and services, and the company gains advantageous discounts. 

After five years of enriching the content and features of our Portals, despite the economic strains caused by the pandemic and soaring inflation, we will soon be obliged to slightly increase some of our subscription rates for the first time. 

This adjustment, which remains well below inflation, will allow us to continue investing in the production of journalistic content with the added value and features that help you achieve success – as we have continuously done since 2019. 

As a reminder, here are some of the features added since the launch of our Portals: 

  • Virtual and hybrid event platform. 
  • CE Credits manager. 
  • Management tools integrated into your profile on our two Portals. 
  • Virtual assistant accessible via chat — with a human intervention! — for customer service. 
  • Creation of self-service tools for managing individual and corporate subscriptions. 
  • One-click connection via Microsoft, Google, and LinkedIn.
  • Launch of the Product Finder in 2020, with a 20% discount for PRO members. 
  • Launch in 2023 of the EXECUTIVE Level and Visibility360 with a $100 reduction for PRO members. 

And this month, we are unveiling two new services: 

  • PR Feed, which allows you to disseminate your news to the entire industry via the homepage of our Portals and our daily news bulletins. 
  • RADAR, a new EXECUTIVE Level privilege, which allows companies to monitor their life insurance competition. 

As you can see, we remain fully invested in the mission that has driven us for over thirty years: to publish value-added information to help the industry and its professionals develop. And we have many projects underway that will be unveiled in the coming weeks when they are ready to go. 

Our publications have always scrutinized issues to encourage the insurance industry to reinvent itself. In 2019, we decided that it was our turn to rethink our business model and reinvent ourselves by focusing on the digital space. Thanks to your participation, we are a success story – a small, bilingual Canadian publishing company that has transformed and overcome the crisis that is challenging media providers everywhere in the world. 

Thank you! 

Serge Therrien 
President and Publisher 
The Insurance Journal Publishing Group. 

PS: The rate increase will take effect for new subscriptions, PRO Level renewals and Product Finder starting June 1, 2024. If you have a monthly or quarterly subscription, you can convert it to an annual subscription before this date and enjoy our old rate for a longer period.