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Great-West Lifeco latest company to be targeted by Obatan

In an effort to dupe Irish investors, firm makes unsolicited offer to purchase shares at a discount.

LIFE INSURANCE | June 08 2023 10:41AM
Obatan makes unsolicited offer for Great-West Lifeco shares in Ireland

Offer to buy shares at a 34.64 per cent discount not recommended by insurer.

INVESTMENT | June 21 2022 10:37AM
Manulife issues cautionary statement in response to Obatan offer

Company cautions investors against offer to purchase shares at a steep discount.

INVESTMENT | August 17 2021 03:39PM
Great-West Lifeco warns investors about mini-tender offer

The unsolicited offer has been made at prices below the current market prices for the shares.

INVESTMENT | May 18 2021 02:31PM
Manulife cautions investors about unsolicited offer

Manulife is cautioning investors about an unsolicited mini-tender offer to purchase up to 500,000 Manulife common shares…

INVESTMENT | March 18 2021 03:28PM
Sun Life cautions investors about unsolicited mini-tender offer

Sun Life says unsolicited mini-tender offer lower than market price.

INVESTMENT | January 06 2021 09:40AM