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Experior Financial Group Inc Congratulates James Moore on achieving Court of the Table with MDRT

June 4, 2024

Experior Financial Group Inc, offers congratulations to Associate James Moore who has reached the honorable milestone MDRT Court of the Table. MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) is a prestigious worldwide organization for Life Insurance Advisors. James, who has been with Experior Financial Group for just over 1 year has been licensed in the insurance industry since March 24th 1986.

James joined Experior as a producer with the goal of becoming a builder and training agents to increase their capacity to earn income. With his focus being on ethics and the family market he hopes to train his new team members to become Members of the MDRT as well. He has diligently put together an intensive 10-week training program for any agent who joins his team. Along with mentorship and coaching James hopes to see a minimum of 35% of his team qualifying for MDRT.

CEO Jamie Prickett says, “It’s exciting to see James Moore reach such a great milestone with this prestigious and widely respected organization. James joined Experior for the benefit of building a team and a Legacy and those team members will be in very good hands when it comes to building a successful business.”

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James Moore Experior Associate / Court of the Table

James is currently focusing his building efforts on Edmonton then in Texas and Florida. He is looking for agents who are hungry for information and open to learning and building a successful business helping the underserved family market. He will be embarking on travels to Texas and Florida during the winter months to escape the cold of Canada. James has qualified for MDRT for many years as it is always his goal in order to be able to attend the conferences where he learns from professionals in the industry from all over the world. “Who would've thought that people would share their best tips with the competition? At MDRT conferences, I learn 10 new tips within the first day. I’ve made lifelong friends and acquaintances who I can call on to help me with any complex case I encounter. I’m looking forward to attending the June conference in Vancouver.”

When James was asked what the importance was to him about the MDRT he responded, “There is a lag in the industry to be very fair. Between licensing and training agents. Whether it's doing a needs analysis properly to compliance, there is a real need for regulators to weed out some of the bad actors. The knowledge I gain from MDRT has helped me throughout my career and I’m at that time in my life where I want to help others learn to do things the right way and to be well compensated for it. The way I look at it is that if I’m doing my best looking after families, the money just comes. I want that for the agents who I work with. I’ve managed teams in the past and my current goal is to train up a team of one hundred.”

James credits his success in part to his supportive wife, whom he met seventeen years ago in the business ‘Having a partner who works in the business has been great. It can be very lonesome working away by yourself.” They also have a nearly 12-year-old daughter who “runs the household.” James is currently mentoring an agent in his office but he intends to take advantage of technology and frequent flying to train agents in the US. He plans to be available for calls and mentoring for his team, along with training all along the way. He has learned a great deal from working with and learning from his upline National Executive Director, Darren Golka, about building and recruiting and credits him with being a great builder who has built a huge team.

Experior Financial Group, Inc. is very excited about the plans James has to grow and build his Legacy business with Experior. The Legacy program Experior offers and the benefits for builders is second to none in this industry. Experior wishes James success in building his team and contributing to a more knowledgeable agent base. The industry needs more professionals like James to ensure new agents are mentored correctly. It can only make the industry better for everyone.

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