CLIEDIS announces its API Roadmap at the CAILBA National Conference

June 10, 2024

At the CAILBA National Conference on June 6, 2024, CLIEDIS announced its API Roadmap for industry implementation, with work beginning in 2024. The roadmap defines the industry level APIs that have been ranked and prioritized based on industry feedback. These APIs have been selected to have the maximum benefit to serve distributors, advisors and their customers. Many of the APIs provide time sensitive information to advisors through their distributor back-office systems so that they can better service their customers. They include access to real-time cash value and current renewal premium, knowing if a payment has been applied, and being notified if a policy is at risk of lapsing or has lapsed. Other gaps being filled in the initial priorities address ability to retrieve statements electronically, know when commission is paid, track MGA transfers and agent of record changes.

This roadmap was delivered at the request of executives from critical insurance companies and distributors. In April 2024, CLIEDIS held a Circle of Influence event with key executives to discuss the need for better data using API technology. Leading distributors including HUB Financial, PPI, Financial Horizons, IDC WorldSource, RBC Wealth and Edward Jones as well as top insurers including Manulife, Sun Life, Canada Life, iA Financial Group, BMO Insurance, Empire Life, RBC Insurance and Equitable participated. 

At this event the distributors took center stage to discuss directly with the carriers the need to deliver API technology for data exchange for distribution. Using APIs, distributors can access data and functionality that simply cannot be served via a data feed.  APIs are much smaller, simpler, and easier to maintain. They support real-time, on-demand access to information so that the end users or their systems can access current data when they want it, from where they want it.  As the industry evolves with new requirements, APIs can evolve with them in ways feeds simply cannot.

“CLIEDIS is not deprioritizing the book of business feeds for the companies that have not provided one. But new requirements and capabilities will be defined with a preference for APIs” stated Tana Sabatino, Implementation Services Specialist, CLIEDIS.  “Data feeds, while still important, are built using older technology. Looking forward, we need the industry to shift to a more current technology solution, so that we can deliver data more efficiently and more secure” explained Sabatino.

“During the last few years, delivery of APIs for distribution had stalled in favor of carriers responding to the needs of the pandemic. To quickly respond to the need for electronic exchange of information, companies invested heavily in their technology stacks to support APIs for website and internal systems” said Darlys Corbitt, Executive Director, CLIEDIS. “The industry is now ready to reboot the effort to deliver data via APIs for distribution. Because carriers have the technology in place, we expect to see delivery of critical data needs via APIs quickly” said Corbitt.

The CLIEDIS API security requirements and standard design principles have been vetted by insurance carriers to ensure they meet their requirements. CLIEDIS has built out a robust toolset that provides a mechanism for CLIEDIS to quickly generate API specifications and software development kits (SDKs) for developers to utilize. At the same time, CLIEDIS has provided a business capability model and service catalog that enables companies to align API delivery to the business capabilities they support.

“In the last 3 years I’ve seen a shift in the conversation. There is enthusiasm and desire for APIs that was not there before.” - - Brett Mulligan, AVP, Insurance Technology – Canada Segment at Manulife 

“It was exciting to be part of this year’s CLIEDIS Annual Seminar, and even more exciting to see the increased interest and rejuvenated momentum around APIs. This technology will be critical to digitally transforming the industry. At iPipeline, we’re looking to be part of that process, and are looking for carriers interested in partnering with us to build out the initial set of APIs.” - - Diana McKay, Assistant Vice President, iPipeline.

“PPI is looking forward to the opportunities provided by this logical technological evolution for CLIEDIS. APIs will allow us to access data in real time and support our business processes in ways not possible with data feeds. With the capabilities possible with APIs, we can offer much better servicing for our advisors. - - Andy Cunningham, SVP & Lead Information Technology Officer, PPI

“ivari is ready. We use APIs everywhere within our enterprise already. It’s a small lift to provision them for external use.” - - Mike Daicoff, VP IT & CIO at ivari

CLIEDIS is ready to deliver, and the industry is ready to receive. It’s an exciting time for the insurance industry and for CLIEDIS. 



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