Under the theme, The Power of Passion – 1200 life insurance advisors gathered together for the sixth annual Canada Sales Congress in Toronto on May 23 at the Beanfield Centre. A roster of 11 Sales Masters from Canada and the U.S. shared their insight and expertise with an appreciative audience. Once again this year, Jim Ruta was the event’s Master of Ceremonies. Jim is a renowned financial industry speaker, author, consultant, CSC Co-founder and Executive Vice President of The Covenant Group.

Brought to the industry by The Insurance and Investment Journal, the 2018 Canada Sales Congress provided attendees with an ideal opportunity to catch up with industry colleagues and meet new contacts. A total of 65 event sponsors and exhibitors were on hand to showcase their products and services to attendees in the Exhibitor’s Hall.

Several companies were essential to the success of the 2018 Canada Sales Congress. The main sponsors were: Canada Life, Desjardins Insurance, PPI and Manulife. Advocis, The Financial Advisors Association of Canada, was our association partner. PPI sponsored the Masters Gala Luncheon, HUB Financial the fruit-flavored water bar, Tech Platforms provided a phone recharging station and The Covenant Group offered a Business Library. Dynacare Insurance Solutions provided a blood pressure clinic and The Insurance and Investment Journal helped attendees relax with massage therapy stations. The Insurance and Investment Journal also offered attendees complimentary parking and sponsored the breakfast and coffee breaks. InsuranceINTEL sponsored the closing cocktail.

It was an amazing day and on behalf of the organizing team, I would like to thank everyone who made it possible.

See you next year on May 22, 2019 at the seventh annual Canada Sales Congress!

Serge Therrien
Co-founder of Canada Sales Congress
Publisher and President
The Insurance and Investment Journal


Erica Lee talking about millennials: “They care very deeply about many different things. Figure out what causes are most important to your specific [millennial] prospect or client and that will help you connect with them.”


Kyle Richie: “You can’t soar with the eagles if you scratch with the turkeys.… [Determine your target market] and go with it. And then learn everything you can about that target market.”


Amy Tong: “I always explain my philosophy to my clients that your interest is my priority and we are working as a partner for life.”


Brian Burlacoff: “When we talk about our products to our clients, we have to talk about what they do… not what they are.”


Whitney Hammond: “If you get anything from my talk today it’s to help people. They need guidance on all levels. The most affluent are the most vulnerable and they are afraid to say it. Our job is to expose this vulnerability and to stabilize it.”


Jennifer Powers: “Own your personal power. No one can take it away from you unless you give it to them. You can always choose your very next outcome and hopefully you choose your very biggest birthright which is joy.”


Brian Scott on how to keep the momentum going: “Good habits. Prepare in advance. What not to do? Don’t put the phone down, light up a cigar or give up momentum. You need to track what you’re doing. If it’s not working, revamp it. Always be top of mind and follow up.”


Dr. Guy Baker: “Let me ask you a question: are you a professor or are you a consultant?Professors want to tell you what they know – what they want you to know. Consultants want to find out what you know. And the secret to success in our business is to be a consultant.”


Cleo Castillo: “Prospecting is not a burden, it’s a pleasure.”


Joseph Jordan: “The more you prospect the better you feel. The better you feel, the more you prospect. This is not just something you do. It’s a reaffirmation of faith – faith that you do something worthwhile.”


David Hull: “Keep your business simple. Take a genuine interest in your clients and their needs and really understand your products and you will sell your clients all the insurance they will ever need.”