RBC Global Asset Management announced Sept. 7 that the following mutual funds will be closed to new investors as of Sept. 15: 

  • RBC Global Equity Fund 
  • RBC Vision Global Equity Fund 
  • RBC Global Equity Focus Fund 
  • RBC Global Equity Class 
  • RBC Global Equity Focus Currency Neutral Fund 
  • RBC Global Dividend Growth Fund 
  • RBC Global Dividend Growth Currency Neutral Fund 
  • Phillips, Hager & North Global Equity Fund 
  • Phillips, Hager & North Overseas Equity Fund 
  • Phillips, Hager & North Currency-Hedged Overseas Equity Fund 
  • Phillips, Hager & North Overseas Equity Class 

RBC GAM stated that closing these funds to new investors “will protect the RBC Global Equity Team’s ability to continue executing its investment process within existing liquidity conditions.” 

Current unitholders of the funds will continue to be able to make investments into the Funds after they are capped to new investors. Purchase orders by new investors will only be processed if submitted on or before 4:00 pm ET Sept. 15, 2021.