Morningstar Inc. announced Jan. 14 the launch of the Morningstar Market Monitoring platform.  

The investment research company describes the platform as a “real-time information and market insights web-based application, designed to empower advisors, traders, and market analysts with the customized set of information they need to make sound financial decisions for investors.” 

Morningstar Market Monitoring is available to license through Morningstar Advisor Workstation, as a separate platform, select API components, or as data feeds. Elements of the platform will be available to Morningstar Direct users over the next year, says the company. 

"Financial advisory firms are seeing an increasing need to be able to evaluate moments in time such as mergers and acquisitions, stock splits, security trades, and governmental and regulatory updates alongside research and valuation data to tell the whole story," stated Scott Burns, head of retail investing products and solutions for Morningstar. "By empowering financial advisors to have real-time information and Morningstar research and data at their disposal and integrated directly into their own workflows, their end investors can have the transparency and understanding of how market events might impact their portfolio and investment interests over a short- and long- time horizon."