If you ask a friend or family member what investments they have don’t be surprised if they give you a rude look.

According to a national survey commissioned by Sharechest Inc. and conducted among members of the online Angus Reid Forum, three quarters of Canadians think it’s rude to ask others about their investments and finances. 

Rude to ask others about their financial investments 

In fact: 

  • 71 per cent think it's rude to ask how much money someone makes 
  • 23 per cent think it's rude to ask what someone invests in 
  • 13 per cent think it's rude to ask what investment platforms someone uses, and 
  • 13 per cent said it's rude to ask if someone uses a financial advisor. 

"It really doesn't seem possible to change the conversation about Canadian investing until we can bring ourselves to have an actual conversation about it," said Chad Williams, chairman and founder of Sharechest.

The survey also indicates that men are far more open about money/investments than women and younger Canadians are more likely to disclose financial information to friends than those over 55.