Working Canadians value customized wellness programs

par The IJ Staff | July 16 2019 09:30AM

Most working Canadians believe they would be happier and healthier if their employer offered a personalized wellness program customized to an individual’s specific needs and health, according to a new poll.

The poll, released July 16 by RBC Insurance, also indicates that 94 per cent of working Canadians are more likely to work for an employer that cares about their overall health and well-being. Some 78 per cent say their physical health would be better if an individualized program was made available, 73 per cent say their job satisfaction would improve, as would their mental health (71 per cent) and job productivity (68 per cent).

And in return for this type of customization, three quarters (76 per cent) of working Canadians would be willing to share their health and wellness-related information and goals with an insurer, the survey says.

Benefits packages should provide choice

“The poll really underscores the value working Canadians place on having choice in benefits and personalized programs when it comes to their overall well-being,” said Julie Gaudry, senior director of Group Insurance at RBC Insurance. “It’s important for employers to design a benefits package that considers the needs of their workforce, especially as new generations enter and leave the market. This is something that can largely influence employee morale and their overall health.”

It can be challenging for businesses to motivate employees to participate in wellness programs. According to the poll, the top three factors that working Canadians say would motivate them are:

  1. A tailored wellness program targeted to specific health-related goals (44 per cent)
  2. Progress-based incentives/rewards (40 per cent)
  3. Time away from their desk during work hours to dedicate to wellness (35 per cent).
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