More than 1200 life insurance advisors from across Canada came together to make the 2017 Canada Sales Congress (CSC) on May 24 a spectacular event.

An event from The Insurance and Investment Journal, the 2017 Canada Sales Congress provided an ideal opportunity for participants to catch up with industry friends and make valuable new contacts.

Held at the Beanfield Centre in downtown Toronto, Sales Masters shared their insight and expertise with an enthusiastic and appreciative audience. Jim Ruta, renowned financial industry speaker, author, consultant and CSC Co-founder, was the event’s dynamic Master of Ceremonies.

See below to read their compelling ideas and advice.

Jason Black

Jason Black:

"Ask yourself this: what do I want? Who am I and who I am choosing to live my life for? And once you know your ‘why,’ you can circumvent any impossibility."


Lianne Pereux

Lianne Pereux:

"We are in the business of people, not products. The products are secondary to what we do. What we do is create meaningful and trusting relationships with people who are in need of our products because they help protect their families, their businesses, their legacies."


Rene R. Pereux

Rene R. Pereux:

"The biggest reason I believe [that people don’t buy life insurance] is because it’s an unaware sale." It’s up to you to motivate them to take action.


Jerry Wiseblott

Jerry Wiseblott: Have a team who can help you out.

"If you place yourself around successful people you’ll be successful as well."


Paul Philip

Paul Philip:

"Prospecting for me is just helping. I try, I really try to get my clients to understand. … Prospecting isn’t anything to be afraid of …if you’re just out there trying to help people."


Dr. Greg MacLuckie

Dr. Greg MacLuckie:

"Prepare your clients by having them insure their future income."


Tom Hegna

Tom Hegna:

"Don’t talk so much -- telling is not selling, listening is selling; asking questions is selling. … What they say is way more important than what you say."


Bhupinder Anand

Bhupinder Anand:

"Create value the very first time you see a client.” Do you say the first meeting is free or no cost? “If you say something is free, what value does it create? Nothing – a big fat zero. … So next time you make your next appointment … say ‘the first meeting is at my expense’."


Léony deGraaf Hastings

Léony deGraaf Hastings:

She didn’t want to be salesperson "because I despised the feeling of being sold to. But once I shifted my focus from selling to educating my prospects I had a whole new perspective."


Stephen Pustai

Stephen Pustai:

"The life insurance business is more than just a career for me – it’s an article of faith – how we impact people’s lives for the better. … This is a great business. I am so grateful to have been a part of it."


Van Mueller

Van Mueller:

"There’s no such thing in our business as asking for referrals. It’s the biggest lie in the history of our business. The way to get referrals is by becoming referable. And the way you become referable is by asking people something nobody has ever asked them."


Greg Pollock

Greg Pollock:

"Together, we can stand up and protect the future financial security of all Canadians."