Vanguard adds two new asset allocation ETFs

By The IJ Staff | February 06 2019 09:30AM

Vanguard Investments Canada Inc. has announced the listing of two new low-cost asset allocation ETFs that provide highly diversified all-in-one portfolios, bringing the total number of Vanguard ETFs in Canada to 39 with $17 billion in assets under management.

The first product is the Vanguard Conservative Income ETF Portfolio that seeks to provide a combination of income and some long-term capital growth by investing in equity and fixed-income securities with a strategic allocation of 20% equities and 80% fixed income. It’s made up of seven underlying Vanguard index ETFs. 

The second is the Vanguard All-Equity ETF Portfolio looks to provide long-term capital growth by investing primarily in equity securities with a strategic allocation of 100% equities, made up of four underlying Vanguard index ETFs.

“Canadian investors have a preference for enduring, low-cost and disciplined investment solutions and this has been a pillar of Vanguard’s philosophy for over 40 years,” said Kathy Bock, managing director, Vanguard Investments Canada Inc. “Canadians have invested over $1 billion in our asset allocation ETFs since we introduced them last year. We are pleased to provide added choice to investors with two new ETFs featuring well-diversified and global portfolios, which are rebalanced regularly.”

“These thoughtfully constructed ETFs also provide investors with the added advantage of Vanguard’s global investment experts who continuously assess the portfolio and rebalance it back to the intended risk level,” added Tim Huver, head of product for Vanguard.

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