Universitas introduces program to support students with learning challenges

By The IJ Staff | February 19 2019 09:30AM

Photo: DepositPhotos

Universitas Financial, an RESP provider, is offering a support service to the parents of children who are experiencing learning difficulties. Available to clients, the Stepping Stone Program will offer “privileged access” to a network of education specialists ready to offer support and coaching, says the company.

"The Stepping Stone Program reflects our commitment to giving families the support needed to help their children (reach) their full potential. We offer our clients free access to the expertise of a network of education specialists who partnered with us to create a unique service offer in our industry," says Pierre Lafontaine, Vice President, Customer Experience and Strategic Business Development.

Six hours of free consultation

The program is designed to help families seeking support for various challenges, including academic difficulties, ADHD, learning disabilities (dyslexia, dysphasia, etc.), giftedness, bullying, and others, says Universitas. The company says a family can benefit from six hours of free consultation per year with various specialists in the field of education.

"The factors that contribute to a student's prospects for success go beyond the school environment itself. By offering out-of-school assistance directly to parents, we are making a real difference for these families. This type of access to a centralized network of resources is scarce in the education network," says Ghislaine Nadeau, Vice-President, Human Resources and the architect behind the Stepping Stone Program.