Travelers announces new suite of services for specialty insurance clients

By The IJ Staff | March 05 2019 09:30AM

Photo: Freepik

Travelers Canada is offering a new suite of services for specialty insurance customers packaged with their insurance policy. Human resources, legal and emotional support assistance will now be offered, at no additional cost.

These services are aimed at helping professionals manage day-to-day activities fundamental to their roles at private, public and nonprofit organizations, said the company in an announcement on March 4.

In-house attorney support

The legal assistance service will include in-house attorney support via telephone on issues such as rental agreements, contracts, real estate law and consumer law. The HR assistance will offer professional support for human resources issues, such as hiring, absences/leaves, safety, discrimination, immigration, labour matters, benefits and temporary employees.

The emotional support assistance will give access to professional counsellors who can offer support for issues related to home, work, trauma, grief and other personal or business hardships.

“From small nonprofits to larger public corporations, directors and officers can face complex demands and potential liabilities,” said Steve Smith, Vice President of Specialty Insurance at Travelers Canada. “These services add value to an already robust specialty insurance product and give our customers the support they need so they can stay focused on meeting their business commitments.”

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