Ian C. Moyer Insurance Agency Inc.

Any financial advisor will tell you about the importance of having a good mentor. And when Jonathan Kestle lucked into finding Ian Moyer shortly after getting his life insurance licence he received more than ordinary guidance, encouragement and support.

Only months after the two met, Kestle entered into an agreement to purchase Ingersoll, Ontario-based Ian C. Moyer Insurance Agency, a deal that closed in March 2016. During this time the two formulated their planning process for succession planning and grew the business to new heights. Moyer, a lifetime Court of the Table qualifying member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) has been joined at the meetings by Kestle, who this year, will qualify for the fifth year in a row and attend the MDRT.

Kestle, who has earned his CLU designation, is currently working on his CFP.

The two have also constructed Cascades, a planning tool for advisors to more easily create tax-efficient retirement withdrawal plans, especially with a growing number of Canadians heading into retirement. They have taken the idea to a large Canadian MGA, which has committed to helping Kestle move the idea forward this year.

Kestle said it’s key in this industry for advisors to set goals – both long- and short-term.

The financial services industry is complex work, said Kestle, with many tools and skillsets. “Whenever I hear about a new idea that comes from a company or any one of the organizations I belong to I figure out where I can use the information.”

He adds that he likes seeing these ideas work. “It seems to me that I’m always chasing that feeling of upping my game. We have to learn a lot throughout the years.”

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