Financial Tech Tools Inc.

Alex Hung could have continued working as a life insurance specialist, but his interest was piqued by a computer programming course he took, and he decided to go back to school and start his own technology firm aimed at bringing financial advisors into the 21st century.

Now the content on his website and the apps created by his Vancouver-based company, Financial Tech Tools Inc. – which he co-founded and runs with his wife Angelina Hung – are being used by advisors across the country, helping them increase their business and enabling clients to understand finances in a simple, quick and easy way.

Part of his inspiration for the company and all the tools it creates is his belief that money should not be the reason why so many couples divorce. Hung said he’s personally seen too many relationships fail over disagreements about money. 

“I think that a difference in opinion on how to save, spend and invest money coupled with a lack of communicating financial and life goals can lead to long-term damage to a marriage,” said Hung.

“I use my financial, coding and design skills to create easy-to-understand infographics, videos and websites for advisors to educate people about their finances; to help people understand the short, medium and long-term ramifications of their financial decisions and that money spent on one thing will affect other aspects of their lives like retirement.”

Hung’s major personal goal is to push himself to learn new design concepts and methods to make his firm’s content more engaging for advisors, so that they, in turn, can help their clients and prospects.

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