Managing Partner - Individual Life & Disability Operations
Bedard Co. Life Inc.

David Szalkai always makes a concerted effort to think ahead on how various changes going on in the world and in the insurance industry in particular will affect his clients and his firm over both the long- and short-term term.

Now a partner at Bedard Co. Life Inc. in London, Ontario, Szalkai said businesses are changing so fast that it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with them, especially with the transformations technology is making in the insurance industry.

That’s why he and his partner are building a software program to make it easier for brokers to get quotes on the group and individual side, including key person insurance and individual disability. The software launch is expected within the next few months.

Szalkai said there are many differences in the industry since he began working in insurance in 2011 first for RBC Insurance, then ivari and now Bedard. While there may be a lot of ongoing study required, he said he would definitely recommend the insurance industry to someone pondering a career move.

“My advice to anyone starting out would be to read, read, read as much as you can; educate yourself on all kinds of topics,” said Szalkai. “Become an expert in something so you are not a jack of all trades. I’d say pick something in your area of expertise and become a professional.”

He also suggested there are many opportunities for those wanting to start their own business. Yes, he said, there is fear of not succeeding. “But that fear of failure will be replaced with a feeling of ‘what if?’ if you never take a chance.”

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