VP & Head, Operations & Client Experience
RBC Insurance

Few executives have the same range of experience that John Carinci brings to his role as head of operations for RBC Insurance.

Since joining RBC in 1998, Carinci has worked across all five of RBC’s business platforms. While working as a senior account manager he completed his MBA before moving on to work in group risk management, wealth management, at RBC Capital Markets in New York City.

Notably, after moving to RBC Insurance in June 2010, Carinci led the development and launch of the company’s group benefits program in 2013. “Seeing that business go from a small group of individuals to over 300 employees, and quickly becoming the fastest growing group carrier was truly an outstanding experience,” he says. The company moved from 16th place to seventh in the under 200 life group market rankings in just three years.

“John’s an industry leader,” says RBC Insurance president, Neil Skelding. “He took on our group business and fairly quickly he became an authority on the industry. He did a lot of homework on it.”

Today Carinci has overall responsibility for RBC Insurance core operations, including underwriting and new business, claims, creditor operations, key partnerships, reinsurance and operational effectiveness.

He says intellectual curiosity, mentorship, a focus on perpetual improvement and the willingness to explore a diverse range of experiences are all important contributions to his success thus far. “I truly feel that I’ve had five distinct career paths as a result of working across five of RBC’s businesses,” he says. “All of those experiences have provided me with an invaluable and diverse perspective that continues to pay dividends when approaching any given business challenge today.”

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