TDAM launches two new funds

By The IJ Staff | November 21 2017 01:30PM

Photo: Freepik

TD Asset Management announced Nov. 21 the launch of two new global fixed income mutual funds – TD Global Income Fund and TD Global Unconstrained Bond Fund.

"With the addition of the Funds, we are excited to offer a full suite of fixed income products that provide our clients more solutions for the fixed income portion of their portfolio," says Scott Colbourne, Managing Director, Global Active Fixed Income, TDAM. "These new funds offer our clients the benefit of portfolio diversification by providing geographic, sector and currency exposure from markets across the globe."

Modest foreign currency exposure

The TD Global Income Fund aims to generate income while preserving capital by investing primarily in corporate fixed income securities from around the world with modest foreign currency exposure.

The TD Global Unconstrained Bond Fund aims to maximize total return for investors while preserving capital by investing in fixed income issuers from around the world.

Range of options

The new funds will be offered in a range of load, no-load and fee-based series options, including H-Series, T-Series and S-Series which provide clients with stable income through targeted distributions, including return of capital, says TDAM.

Additionally, TDAM announced that it will launch H-Series, T-Series and S-Series of TD Global Core Plus Bond Fund.