Sun Life Switches to Fixed-Rate Admin Fees

By Andrew Rickard | September 30 2014 08:05AM

Sun Life Global Investments plans to change the way expenses are charged to its mutual funds. On September 25, the company announced plans to switch to fixed-rate administration fees for mutual funds that are structured as trusts.

At the moment, each fund pays its own expenses. These include items such as (but not limited to) accounting, audit, and legal fees, bank and interest charges, safekeeping and custodial fees, administrative and systems costs, as well as the cost of reports to investors, prospectuses, and other disclosure documents.

Beginning on January 1, 2015, Sun Life is proposing that these kinds of expenses be paid through a fixed-rate administration fee. By making this change, the company says that a large portion of the operating expenses will be set at a certain percentage, and investors will be protected from potential increases in operating expenses.

"A fixed-rate administration fee provides our customers with a simplified approach to managing their investments by improving transparency and ensuring that certain fees are fixed‎," comments Rick Headrick, president of Sun Life Global Investments.

Unitholders will be asked to approve the proposal at special meetings to be held on or about November 19, 2014.