Sun Life launches two low volatility funds

By Andrew Rickard | February 16 2016 10:19AM

Rick Headrick

Sun Life Global Investments has launched two new funds for investors who want to own equities but don't want to experience wide swings in value on the stock market.

The Sun Life MFS Low Volatility Global Equity Fund and the Sun Life MFS Low Volatility International Equity Fund were launched on Feb. 12. They are actively managed and broadly diversified funds that seek to outperform their benchmarks with less volatility.

Long-term investors

According to the Fund Facts documents, the funds are best suited to long-term investors who want global geographic diversification, with a focus towards lowering portfolio volatility and who are comfortable with medium investment risk. The minimum initial investment is $500, and there is a $50 minimum for additional purchases. For the Series A version of the funds, the annual management fee is 2.0% and the annual administration fee is 0.20%.

"The current market volatility and any period of uncertainty can make investors anxious,” comments Rick Headrick, president of Sun Life Global Investments. “Our new low volatility funds are designed for people who would like a smoother ride during volatile periods. The funds aim to reduce market turbulence without sacrificing return potential.”

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