Sprott Steps Down as Portfolio Manager

By Andrew Rickard | January 22 2015 01:06PM

Eric Sprott is leaving portfolio management.

On January 20, Sprott Asset Management announced that Eric Sprott is stepping down as lead portfolio manager on the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund, the Sprott Canadian EquityClass, the Sprott Hedge Fund LP, the Sprott Hedge Fund LP II and the Sprott Bull/Bear RSP funds.

Jonathan Wiesblatt and James Bowen will now share portfolio management duties for the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund and the Sprott Canadian Equity Class, while Jason Mayer and Maria Smirnova will join the portfolio management team for the Sprott Hedge Fund LP, Sprott Hedge Fund LP II and the Sprott Bull/Bear RSP Fund, working alongside senior portfolio manager Paul Wong.

"Over the course of more than 40 years in the investment business, Eric established himself as one of Canada's greatest investors," comments Sprott Inc. CEO Peter Grosskopf. "As he transitions away from day-to-day fund management, Eric will continue to serve as chairman of the Sprott Inc. board of directors and represent the company to clients and shareholders. Eric remains Sprott's largest shareholder and he and his family are among our largest clients."