Special Innovation issue!

By The IJ Staff | October 30 2017 07:00AM

Twenty-five years ago, The Insurance and Investment Journal Publishing Group was founded with our first French language magazine, the Journal de l’assurance, closely followed by the launch of its English sister publication, The Insurance and Investment Journal.

To mark this important milestone, we asked a number of industry leaders to share their views and insight on change and innovation in the insurance industry. 

CLHIA seeks to get ahead of rapidly changing regulatory environment

Stephen Frank

Looking at the current regulatory environment and the swift pace of change, Stephen Frank, who became president and CEO of the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association last July, describes it as “almost without precedent.”

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Robert Frances calls for regulation that inspires consumers to invest

Robert Frances

Robert Frances, chairman and CEO of PEAK Financial Group, does not believe the industry is threatened by technological giants. Instead, he worries about the young consumers because the industry is at risk of not connecting with them. He says regulators should ensure that their rules encourage young consumers to save.

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The industry needs to engage clients in new ways

Alex Lucas

Without question, the life insurance industry needs to innovate to make its products easier for clients to buy, Alex Lucas, SVP and Head of Insurance for Manulife told The Insurance and Investment Journal. However, it also must go a step further and find new ways to engage the client once they own life insurance, he adds.

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Ninety per cent of industry innovation will be in distribution

Dean Connor

When asked how he thinks innovation will change the industry in the future, Dean Connor, president and CEO of Sun Life Financial, says he believes the demand for insurance will be just as significant as it is today in the years to come. What will change – dramatically – is the ease of buying insurance.

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Clients’ overall needs must be addressed

Gregory J. Chrispin

For Gregory J. Chrispin the concept of wealth management does not simply refer to investment. It also includes life insurance. This approach best serves the overall needs of the client, he says.

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It's in the best interest of the industry to ensure that its added value is well understood

Marc Cohen

Marc Cohen, who will become the next CEO of HUB International on Jan. 1, 2018, expects digital technology to play a major role in the transformation of insurance for both individuals and businesses.

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Sun Life could not be better poised for growth in Canada

Kevin P. Dougherty

Kevin Dougherty, president of Sun Life Canada, says he believes that his company has all the assets it needs to be successful in Canada. When he looks at the company’s market position, he says it could not be better placed.

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Insurance must create an emotion

Denis Ricard

Traditionally, the insurance industry has underlined the service offered by its distributors. Tomorrow’s consumers, however, will be attracted to the emotional side of the protection they purchase.

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Group insurance: insurers must go beyond pricing to distinguish themselves

Anil Sanwal

Group insurance coverage in Canada is so similar from one insurer to another that there is only pricing that distinguishes them. Big Data will change things, says Anil Sanwal, Vice president, Group Products, Global Group Reinsurance Division at RGA International Re

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