Sam Albanese co-authors book to ramp up financial literacy

By Donna Glasgow | November 01 2013 04:00PM

Over his 30 year career in financial services, Sam Albanese says clients have asked him many of the same basic questions over and over and over. Now he has co-authored a book that contains all the answers.Retirement Income Guidance and How To R.I.G.H.T ANSWERS provides answers to 260 retirement income related questions covering a range of topics such as government and company pensions, creating income from real estate or life insurance and the best kinds of investments during retirement. Albanese, formerly the owner of a managing general agency, is the founder of the Financial Services Practitioner’s program at Seneca College in North York, Ontario. He co-authored the book with Susan Yates of the Centre for Life Insurance and Financial Education (CLIFE).

The book, he says, will help readers gain more knowledge about their retirement finances and enable them to have more meaningful discussions with their financial advisors.

“The consumer does not know what they don’t know. So they don’t know what to ask their advisor.” The book should help enrich the advisor/client conversation, he says.

Albanese says he is looking to sell the book through financial advisors who can, in turn, hand them out to their senior clients. Another strategy is to distribute the book via associations in the senior market. He is also offering the book through private client firms.

“What I really hope is that my fellow advisors would buy the books and give them to their clients…It is incumbent on advisors to educate their clients. This is a great way to do it. All Canadian, all plain Engl ish.”

He also hopes insurers and MGAs will also purchase the books for their clients.

Proceeds to charity

Net proceeds of the book will go to charity, says Albanese who is in the process of setting up his own charitable foundation to raise funds for charities that work with children, health and education. “The book will be another mechanism to (raise funds) for this foundation,” he adds.

Priced at $19.95, the book can be purchased by contacting Sam Albanese at 416-491-5050, ext. 22048, or emailing [email protected].