REMIC now offering HLLQP program to aspiring life insurance agents

par The IJ Staff | February 28 2017 11:30AM

Photo: Freepik

The Real Estate and Mortgage Institute of Canada (REMIC) announced Feb. 28 that it has received approval to deliver the Harmonized Life License Qualification Program (HLLQP). 

The HLLQP course prepares students to obtain their life insurance agent's license. In an announcement, REMIC stated that by providing this program, it aims to help fill the industry’s need for younger agents.

Industry getting older

"The life insurance industry as a whole is getting older and is experiencing a lack of new agents entering the industry," said Joseph White, president, REMIC.  "Insurance should be a key part of everyone's financial planning, but without qualified agents to promote the industry, consumers will miss out on the advice needed to ensure their interests are adequately protected. We've entered the industry to train those who want to make this their career."

REMIC's HLLQP course is available both online and in-class. The institute says students will receive practice exams with feedback, unlimited certification exam attempts and access to subject matter experts for support via live chat, phone, email or in person.