Reaching new heights at MDRT in Denver

By Serge Therrien | August 27 2007 08:23PM

The more than 6,600 financial consultants who gathered to recharge their batteries at the most recent Million Dollar Round Table Conference came with just one objective in mind: to reach new heights!

The event was held from June 10 to 13 in Denver, Colorado.

Canadian Jim Rogers, who takes over as international president of the Round Table in September 2007, called on members to never lose their desire to improve. "You should know that our recent Cost of Doing Business Survey showed that members who hold a CLU or ChFC average 8 per cent to 12 per cent higher income," he affirmed.

Among the 85 or so speakers featured at the conference, another Canadian, Jim Ruta, also distinguished himself. Mr. Ruta lit a fire under delegates by urging them to boldly venture out from the shadows. "Keeping a low profile doesn’t help anybody," he stated. "If you’re good, get out there and let the people know!"Having arrived at the conference with a mission to inspire seasoned salespeople, Mr. Ruta, who writes a column for

The Insurance Journal, says he himself left energized by the experience. He says speaking at the event was as good as winning an Olympic gold medal.

Delegates from 60 countries attended the MDRT meeting. The top countries represented were the U.S., Japan, Korea, China, India, Mexico, Canada, Singapore, Trinidad and Tobago, Hong Kong, and Thailand.