OSC publishes Statement of Priorities

By The IJ Staff | July 05 2018 01:30PM

Photo: Freepik

The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) published on July 5 its 2018-2019 Statement of Priorities, setting out the 15 areas where it plans to focus its resources and actions.

"Our 2018-2019 Statement of Priorities focuses on protecting investors, keeping markets fair and efficient, and reviewing our current rules and practices to find ways to minimize regulatory burden for market participants," said Maureen Jensen, Chair and CEO of the OSC.

Disclosure requirements regarding women on boards

The regulator says it received 20 comment letters on its draft 2018-2019 Statement of Priorities. The final publication of the 2018-2019 Statement of Priorities now includes a priority related to the continued review of the effectiveness of the disclosure requirements regarding women on boards and in executive officer positions, notes the regulator. To learn more, consult the Statement of Priorities on the OSC’s website.

The OSC also published its report on the Statement of Priorities for Fiscal 2017-2018, which details its performance against the priorities set out in the 2017-2018 Statement of Priorities.

Key accomplishments in fiscal 2017-2018 include investor protection-focused initiatives, such as work on the newly proposed Client Focused Reforms and policy decision on embedded fees, the development of a Seniors Strategy, and a ban on binary options. To learn more, consult the report here.