OSC Introduces Investor Office

By Andrew Rickard | November 03 2015 11:48AM

The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) has launched its new "Investor Office".

Last year, the regulator merged the Office of the Investor and the Investor Education Fund to form the Office of Investor Policy, Education and Outreach (OIPEO). The OSC has appointed Tyler Fleming to be the director of this new organisation, which it has now named the Investor Office.

This new division of the OSC will coordinate all investor-focused initiatives, including working with the OSC's Investor Advisory Panel and developing content for the OSC's web site for consumers,

"In all of our activities, we are determined to be an accessible and relatable voice for retail investors," explains Fleming. "Our mission is this: We're here to give investors information to help them invest wisely and confidently, ensure their needs are understood by those who make the rules, and share their voice with the boardrooms of Bay Street."

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