OSC appoints Seniors Expert Advisory Committee

par Andrew Rickard | September 08 2016 11:27AM

Photo: Freepik

The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) has released the names of the fifteen experts who will sit on its new seniors advisory committee.

In its most recent summary report on compliance and registrant regulation, the OSC expressed concerned about the quality of advice that is being offered to seniors and other vulnerable investors. As we reported at the time, the regulator is working on guidelines for those who provide advice to older clients.

In June, the OSC announced plans to create a Seniors Expert Advisory Committee (SEAC). Made up of representatives from the industry, the legal community, and academia, as well as medical professionals and seniors’ advocates, the SEAC will advise staff on issues affecting older investors.

“The Seniors Expert Advisory Committee will give the OSC access to a multidisciplinary team of experts on issues related to older investors, providing us with valuable input on our seniors strategy, an important initiative for the OSC,” said Maureen Jensen, chair and CEO of the OSC. “The committee builds on our ongoing efforts to better understand the unique needs of older investors.”

On September 7, the regulator announced that it had appointed the following people to the SEAC:

Ellen Bessner
Jan Dymond
Arthur Fish
Patricia Fleischmann
Alan Goldhar
Dr. Amanda Grenier
Neil Gross
Marta C. Hajek
Patricia Kloepfer
Wanda Morris
Lindsay Rogan
Bonnie Rose
Greg Shaw
Dr. Samir Sinha
Laura Tamblyn Watts

The members will serve one-year terms and the group will meet four to six times a year. The committee will be chaired by Tyler Fleming, director of the OSC's Investor Office. More information about the members’ backgrounds is available on the OSC web site.