Need to file a client's tax return? The CRA offers a fast track

By Andrew Rickard | June 08 2016 01:31PM

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is now offering faster alternatives to the RC59 Business Consent form.

Last week, the CRA posted a message to its web site to remind tax professionals that there are faster ways to obtain authorisation to file tax returns, submit documentation, or resolve issues for clients than using the RC59 Business Consent form.

First alternative

The first alternative route is to use the Represent a Client web page, which will allow tax professionals to obtain authorization in 5 days or less. Tax advisors simply have to log in, select "Review and update" on the welcome page, and select "Authorization request" at the bottom of the "Manage clients" tab. After following the instructions there and printing the signature page for the client to sign, the signed document should be scanned and submitted to the CRA using "Submit documents".

The second route is to have clients provide the authorisation themselves using the CRA's My Business Account web site. "Give your client your Rep ID, Group ID, or Business number, and ask them to log in to My Business Account," says the CRA. "Then, they will need to select "Representatives" under "Manage" from the menu on the left of the Welcome page. Once they complete the authorization, it takes effect immediately and you’ll have access to their CRA accounts."

Authorizations are valid until changed

The CRA says it receives almost 300,000 RC59 Business Consent forms every year that contain information it already has on file. "Unless you specify an expiry date, authorizations are valid until you or your business client changes them," concludes the message. "There’s no need to send the request every year."