Morneau Shepell has new program to manage absenteeism

By | March 02 2016 09:41AM

Morneau Shepell has launched a program that managers and human resource professionals can use to monitor employees who are taking too much time off work.

The benefits consulting firm says that its new AbilitiConnect program provides real-time data and a single portal that everyone involved in the absence management process – including the employer, case managers, and the absent worker – can use to stay connected. AbilitiConnect is also designed to eliminate information gaps so that people don’t waste their time chasing information. 

Lucy Turowicz, Morneau Shepell's national director of strategic operations initiatives, says that managers can log onto AbilitiConnect and immediately see who on their team is absent, and whether it is a one day absence, a longer term absence related to a short-term disability, or an absence due to a workplace illness or injury.

“Through a single click they can view current status of any claim, including case manager comments, decision details, current return to work schedule, attached documents and a history of past absences,” says Turowicz. “This adds a real-time, self-serve communication modality on top of the more traditional telephonic and email options. AbilitiConnect ensures every employee matters, every dollar matters, and every absence matters."