Manulife launches new investment pool

By Andrew Rickard | August 11 2016 11:25AM

On August 10, Manulife Investments introduced its new International Equity Private Trust, as well as a Series F for its Dollar-Cost Averaging Fund.

The new Manulife International Equity Private Trust is part of the Manulife Private Investment Pools, which now have a lower minimum entry point of $100,000. This new pool will be managed by David Ragan and Peter Lampert of Mawer Investment Management, who will invest in companies of various sizes.

"The portfolio managers will identify wealth creating companies that they believe have solid management teams and are trading at a discount to their intrinsic values," reads the announcement. "This new Pool will provide investors with a non-North American equity mandate within the overall Manulife Private Investment Pool lineup. Manulife Investments has had an exclusive partnership with Mawer since 2008."

As for the Manulife Dollar-Cost Averaging Fund's new Series F, it offers a rate of return rate of return that is equivalent to that offered by Manulife Bank’s Investment Savings Account as the assets wait to be transitioned to a pre-selected long-term investment fund.

"With the growth in demand for our fee based series, it's important for us to provide our automated Dollar-Cost Averaging Fund for Series F in addition to Advisor Series which has been available for quite some time," says Manulife Investments president Bernard Letendre.

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