Manulife brings health reward program to Canada

By Andrew Rickard | February 10 2016 11:34AM

Manulife Financial is introducing Vitality in Canada. The program allows clients to reduce their insurance premiums and earn rewards if they lead healthier lives.

Vitality, which is a subsidiary of the South African firm Discovery, offers incentive-based health and well-being programs. Manulife formed an exclusive alliance with the company for its John Hancock brand in the United States last year, and on Feb. 9 the insurer announced that it is bringing the program to Canada.

After they apply for coverage Manulife clients can complete an online health review and, based on their responses, are assigned a "Vitality Age" which serves as an indicator of their overall health; this age may be higher or lower than their actual age, and it can be improved over time as they work towards living healthier lives.

Those enrolled in the program may accumulate points immediately when they complete health-related activities such as exercising, have an annual check-up, or get a flu shot. People are able to log their activities online and through wearable fitness technology. The number of Vitality points policyholders earn over the course of a year determines their program status level.

"The more engaged they are with the program and involved in living a healthier lifestyle, the more points they can accumulate to earn other rewards and discounts from leading retailers," explains Manulife.  The two organisations say that they are still developing the Canadian program, and will work out the details of the retail rewards component over the next few months.