Manulife and Sun Life Launch New Investments

By Andrew Rickard | August 12 2015 10:40AM

Manulife Investments and Sun Life Global Investments both launched new investment products earlier this week. Manulife has launched a new mutual fund and a new private investment pool, while Sun Life has added an energy fund to its retail product lineup.

Manulife's Strategic Dividend Bundle is fund-of-funds product aimed at investors who want exposure to tax-efficient Canadian dividends and a wide range of fixed-income assets. Manulife says the fund will typically provide investors with 60% exposure to the Manulife Dividend Income Fund and 40% exposure to Manulife Strategic Income Fund. As for the Manulife Canadian Growth and Income Private Trust, it is a pooled fund meant for wealthy clients who are looking for a flexible, balanced investment; the equity component of the trust is managed by Marie-Eve Savard and Steve Belisle, while the fixed income component is managed by Terry Carr's fixed income desk.

Sun Life's new mutual fund, the Sun Life Dynamic Energy Fund, invests in energy-focused companies in North America. "Despite the short term dip, we believe there are longer term opportunities in the energy sector for investors, and the Sun Life Dynamic Energy Fund will focus on some of those opportunities," says Sadiq S. Adatia, Chief Investment Officer at Sun Life Global Investments.

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