Mackenzie launches Global Environmental Equity Fund

By The IJ Staff | October 18 2018 09:30AM

Photo: Freepik

Mackenzie Investments announced Oct 17 the launch of Mackenzie Global Environmental Equity Fund. The new fund will be sub-advised by Greenchip Financial, a Canadian firm specialized in long-term, environmental-themed investing.

Mackenzie says it chose Greenchip Financial to sub-advise because of its “unique approach”. Greenchip Financial focuses on companies that supply products and services needed in both the global energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables and from inefficient-to-efficient use of resources.

"This great energy transition is driving an incredible investment opportunity," said John Cook, President & CEO, Greenchip Financial. "We believe the demand for companies that Mackenzie Global Environmental Equity Fund invests in will increase, as resource and environmental issues become more challenging."

The new fund joins Mackenzie's other sustainable, responsible and impact investment product offerings: the Mackenzie Global Sustainability and Impact Balanced Fund and the Mackenzie Global Leadership Impact Fund and ETF.

"Mackenzie investors want to be part of change and so do we as a company. These investment options align with Mackenzie's commitment to environmental and social responsibility," said Barry McInerney, President & CEO, Mackenzie Investments.

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