Mackenzie Investments defers Cundill fund mergers

By The IJ Staff | July 09 2018 09:45AM

Photo: Freepik

Mackenzie Investments has announced that it will defer two fund mergers, originally scheduled to be implemented on or about July 6. These mergers were approved at a special meeting held on June 22.

The deferred mergers are:

Terminating Fund

Continuing Fund

Mackenzie Cundill Recovery Class

Mackenzie Cundill Value Class

Mackenzie Cundill Recovery Fund

Mackenzie Cundill Value Fund

Mackenzie say it expects the mergers will take place within the next 120 days. The portfolio managers of Cundill Value Fund and Cundill Value Class, Jonathan Norwood and Richard Wong, have been named portfolio managers of Cundill Recovery Class and Cundill Recovery Fund until the mergers take effect.