Learnedly launches ETF Proficiency Course

By The IJ Staff | April 05 2018 09:45AM

Learnedly announced April 4 that it has launched an exchange traded fund proficiency course for mutual fund representatives. The course follows the curriculum set out by the Mutual Fund Dealers Association (MFDA). 

"ETFs are a growing part of the investment landscape for Canadians," says John Waldron, Learnedly's founder. "We created this course to help more financial professionals have meaningful discussions with their clients about ETFs and how they can fit in a client's overall investment strategy."

Online and video-based

The course is online and video-based. It can be completed using Learnedly’s app, on a smartphone or tablet. 

"Our ETF Proficiency Course is another example of how Learnedly is using technology to simplify industry training and enhance the learning experience for Canadian financial professionals," says Waldron. "Every video is just three clicks away with the Learnedly app, so our learners can start and stop the course whenever they have two or three minutes to spare. We are putting the learner in control."

Digital certificate

After completing the course, the student receives a digital certificate secured with blockchain technology, which an employer can verify. When a certificate is issued, it generates a 64-alphanumeric character password which is stored on an encrypted blockchain ledger.