Invesco launches auto-switching into Private Investor Series

By The IJ Staff | November 03 2017 01:30PM

Photo: Freepik

Invesco Canada announced on Nov. 2 changes to its mutual funds lineup aimed at reducing the cost of investing.

As of Nov. 10, Invesco will automatically link non-registered and registered accounts held by a single investor at the same dealership. Individual and linked accounts with a minimum of $100,000 in aggregate assets will qualify for preferred pricing under Invesco's Private Investor Series and will be automatically switched into a lower-cost, Private Investor Series of the fund.

No cost for the service

Invesco says investors may also ask their advisor to link the accounts of others within their households, and their business accounts, to reach the $100,000 minimum.

There will be no cost for the service and it will not cause a taxable event.

If an investor ceases to meet the eligibility criteria for the Private Investor Series, their investment may be switched into a series with a higher management and advisory fee, adds the company.

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