IIROC appoints board of directors

By Andrew Rickard | September 14 2016 11:30AM

Photo: Freepik

Members of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) chose their new board of directors at an annual general meeting on September 12.

IIROC points out that seven of these directors were re-elected to serve for a two-year term: James Donegan, chairwoman Marianne Harris, Edward Iacobucci, Gerry J. O'Mahoney, and Catherine Smith will all be independent directors, while Paul Allison and Jean-Paul Bachellerie are dealer directors.

In addition, two new directors have been elected to serve for a two-year term: Luc Paiement as a dealer director and Thomas Wittman as a marketplace director.

"Continuity and stability"

Finally, five directors will go on to serve the second year of their two-year terms: Mike Gagné and Brian Heidecker as independent directors, Rita Achrekar and Holly Benson as dealer directors, and Nicholas Thadaney as a marketplace director.

“I would like to acknowledge the contributions and service of former directors Luc Bachand and Tal Cohen,” said Harris. “I am pleased with the continuity and stability brought by our dedicated group of directors and welcome the fresh perspectives of our two new board members."

Biographies of the directors are available on the IIROC web site.

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