iA Financial Group introduces the iA Virtual Assistant

By The IJ Staff | January 18 2019 09:30AM

Photo: Freepik

iA Financial Group has introduced the iA Virtual Assistant, which allows clients to contact the company in writing or verbally.

It can be accessed using Google Assistant on a cell phone, tablet or via Google Home. To begin chatting, clients say, "OK Google. Talk to iA Financial Group."

The company says that although the iA Virtual Assistant is a new service, it can already calculate how much investors should contribute to their RRSP or estimate the amount saved when they retire. It can also locate nearby healthcare providers that comply with the company's eligibility criteria.

"Thanks to our artificial intelligence-powered platform, the iA Virtual Assistant learns quickly. Our vision is to make the iA Virtual Assistant able to provide personalized information to group plan members that is adapted to their profile. The Virtual Assistant will be able to guide plan members in evaluating the options available at the various stages of their lives. It could even help them change certain unhealthy lifestyles by encouraging them to act now. Our desire is to change the paradigm by moving from a curative approach to a preventive approach," says Martin Bélanger, iA’s Senior Vice-President, Group Benefits, Group Savings and Retirement, and Special Markets Solutions.

Complements work done by advisors on the ground

"As a complement to the work done by advisors on the ground, the iA Virtual Assistant is a source of useful information to help clients make the best choices for their financial wellbeing and that of their family, adds Renée Laflamme, Executive Vice-President, Individual Insurance, Savings and Retirement. For example, when there's an important event, like a new child, the iA Virtual Assistant reminds new parents of the importance of reviewing their insurance coverage. It can also show the advantages of contributing to a registered education savings plan to pay for their child's education, and even suggest the professional services of a financial advisor, when needed."