iA Financial Group expands seg fund offering

By The IJ Staff | December 04 2017 11:30AM

iA Financial Group announced today that it is expanding its segregated fund lineup with four new global funds and a family of five global index portfolios.

iA has partnered with renowned companies Forstrong Global Asset Management and Fidelity Investments to offer the following global seg funds: Global Diversified Fixed Income (Forstrong); Global Diversified Equity (Forstrong); Fidelity Global Monthly Income and Fidelity Global Concentrated Equity. Forstrong has been a member of the iA Group since 2013.

"These new funds are an excellent complement to a portfolio by encouraging global exposure, thereby making it possible to manage risks overall," says Manon Gauthier, Senior Vice-President, Individual Savings and Retirement.

Indexia funds

iA Financial Group is also introducing a new family of five global index portfolios called Indexia funds. The funds are comprised of recognized stock indexes “for all types of investors: prudent, moderate, balanced, growth and aggressive,” says the company.

The new Indexia seg funds offer a management expense ratio of 1.95% (in Classic Series 75/75) and passive management with monthly rebalancing.

"These funds are additional solutions put forth by iA Financial Group to meet the needs of advisors and their clients in reaching the latter's savings objectives," says Gauthier.

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