iA celebrates 125 years

By Andrew Rickard | January 12 2017 09:45AM

Industrial Alliance (iA) is launching year-long tour of Canada during which it will hand out cash prizes to celebrate its 125th anniversary.

Until mid-February, iA representatives will be handing out a total of $125,000 in cash prizes of $125 each on the streets of Quebec City, Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto, with one city selected per week. The insurer says it will target Canadians who have performed a spontaneous good deed. In June, a vehicle filled with toy elephants (in homage to the insurer’s logo) will visit forty events, and iA will give $12,500 to the person who comes the closest to guessing the correct number of elephants.

The high point of the celebrations will be a philanthropic contest in which a Canadian registered charity will receive a $125,000 donation to help fund a specific project, and nine other charitable organizations will each receive a donation of $12,500.

“iA Financial Group clients rely on the longevity and stability of a company that has inspired trust for 125 years. It’s important for us to celebrate this milestone by reaching out to those who have chosen us and taking this opportunity to say thank you!” says iA Financial Group  President and CEO Yvon Charest.

iA says it will provide more information about the philanthropic contest in the spring.