As he begins his term as Chair of the board of the Conference for Advanced Life Underwriting (CALU), Gilles Chevalier aims to raise awareness among advisors in his home province of Quebec as to CALU’s influence on the development of fiscal policy .

Appointed in May, Chevalier has become the first CALU Chair from Quebec. Chevalier held the role of Vice Chair of the organization in 2016 and was Chair of its AGM. Chevalier is President and Founder of Engel Chevalier Wealth Protection Inc. He specializes in offering financial and tax planning solutions to a high net worth clientele.

One of CALU’s roles is to offer financial advisor education. It also monitors governmental and regulatory developments. It is particularly concerned with regulatory trends redefining tax policy, and policies impacting financial advisors. Chevalier expects to have a full plate in 2017.

CALU will increase its events in Quebec to increase awareness of the organization. CALU is better known in the rest of Canada. It was created by Advocis. There are currently 450 voting members and about another 100 associate members.