Gen X and Y Buy Life Insurance at Work

By Andrew Rickard | November 17 2014 07:09AM

A recent survey conducted by industry research group LIMRA shows that 75% of workplace life insurance customers in the United States belong to either Generations X or Y, most of whom belong to households that have an annual income $50,000 or more.

The LIMRA study, called Shopping for Life Insurance: Seeking Simplicity at the Workplace, revealed that workplace customers are often single, and that they do not shop the market very much after they have been offered insurance through work. The survey revealed that 62% of respondents only considered one other offer, and that only one in six looked into a third option. Most seem happy with this system, as 70% of workplace customers say that they are comfortable with the buying process.

“For workplace buyers, the search for life insurance frequently begins and ends at work,” comments Ron Neyer, assistant research director at LIMRA Distribution Research. “Many rely on their employers’ expertise for carrier selection.”

LIMRA points out that it has become easier to sell insurance in the workplace over the last decade, thanks mostly to electronic enrollment forms; in 2014 36% of workplace customers applied online or via e-mail, which is more than any other application method. LIMRA also notes that the traditional approach of one-on-one meetings is less feasible today, since many employees telecommute and fewer employers are prepared to grant direct access to their workers.

“There are plenty of opportunities at the workplace for insurance companies to connect with today’s younger shoppers,” says Neyer. “Most workplace life sales are simply triggered by an offer to purchase an employer-sponsored plan.”