Franklin Templeton launches embedded fee series

By The IJ Staff | January 29 2019 09:30AM

Photo: Freepik

Franklin Templeton Investments Canada announced Jan. 25 the launch of four new embedded fee series – Series PA, PA (Hedged), PT and PT-USD – with preferred pricing and daily auto-switching for commission-based investors and advisors. 

"We continue to look for ways to simplify our pricing structure," said Duane Green, president and CEO, Franklin Templeton Investments Canada. "This new preferred pricing ensures that commission-based advisors always have their clients in the lowest priced option that they qualify for."

$200,000 minimum investment eligibility criteria

For this new series, clients will automatically be switched from Series A, A (Hedged), T and T-USD (retail series) to their respective lower fee option of Series PA, PA (Hedged), PT and PT-USD (preferred series) upon meeting the minimum investment eligibility criteria of $200,000, says the company. Auto-switches do not incur fees or trigger any taxable event.

Account linking is available to help clients achieve the minimum more quickly. This feature allows the linking of accounts for relatives “extending beyond the parameters of a single household,” says the company.

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