FP Canada releases CFP exam results

By The IJ Staff | February 19 2021 12:45PM


Exam results for the November 2020 sitting of the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) exam are now available to CFP candidates who participated, says FP Canada.  

The organization says 878 candidates challenged the exam in November. Of those who challenged the exam, 76 per cent wrote the exam online.  

Held both in-person at testing centres as well as online, the November sitting included 533 first-time writers and 345 candidates who were reattempting the exam. The pass rate for first time candidates was 73 per cent while the pass rate for candidates reattempting the exam was 70 per cent, resulting in an overall pass rate of 72 per cent.  

FP Canada says it will administer three sittings of the CFP exam in 2021. It will also continue to offer the exam at both in-person testing centres and online. The next CFP exam will take place Wednesday, May 26 and Thursday, May 27. The Qualified Associate Financial Planner exam will also take place on Wednesday, May 26.  

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