FP Canada launches QAFP Certification

By The IJ Staff | January 07 2020 03:35PM

Photo: Burst/Matthew Henry

FP Canada has officially launched the Qualified Associate Financial Planner certification. The organization says new standalone certification program is designed “to help the average Canadian – with typical financial planning needs – access the professional financial planning advice they need.”

Effective Jan. 1, 2020, the QAFP certification replaced FPSC Level 1 Certification in Financial Planning and all FPSC Level 1 certificants transitioned to QAFP certification.

Everyday financial planning needs

FP Canada says QAFP professionals are equipped to provide holistic financial planning strategies and solutions for Canadians with everyday financial planning needs. “While Certified Financial Planner certification remains the cornerstone of the financial planning profession, demonstrating the planner's ability to guide clients through the most complex financial circumstances, QAFP certification creates a new avenue of professional advice for a broader population of Canadians,” explains the organization.

To obtain QAFP certification, candidates must complete a series of education requirements, pass a national exam and earn one year of qualifying work experience. QAFP professionals are also required to meet the same professional standards as CFP professionals. The FP Canada Standards Council establishes and enforces these standards amongst all QAFP professionals and CFP professionals.

"Canadians are faced with financial decisions every day. In some cases, these decisions relate to day-to-day things like saving for post secondary education, budgeting and buying their first home, and in other cases, they involve more complex matters like estate planning or business ownership," says Brett Millard, CFP, Chair of FP Canada's Board of Directors. "With the introduction of QAFP certification as a new option alongside CFP certification, Canadians will have more choices for finding the professional financial planner best suited to meet their needs."

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