Financial Planning Standards Council to be rebranded FP Canada

By The IJ Staff | September 19 2018 09:30AM

The Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC) Board of Directors announced Sept. 19 that the organization will be renamed and rebranded. Effective April 1, 2019, FPSC will transition to FP Canada.

The organization will also expand in scope says the FPSC. FP Canada's mandate will have two distinct divisions. One division will be the FP Canada Standards Council which will continue to fulfil the standards-setting and certification activities that are currently at FPSC's core.

The second division will be the FP Canada Institute, which will provide prospective and existing financial planners with a new suite of tools and services. This includes new programs focused on helping financial planners develop professional skills.

A clear value proposition

"The financial services industry is rapidly changing. Financial planners need a source of strong leadership and skills development and consumers need to know they can trust their financial planner to meet their ever-evolving needs," says Dan Busi, CFP®, FPSC's Board Chair. "FP Canada will ensure that the value proposition for the professional financial planner is clear and that planners are equipped with the tools, skills and resources they need to deliver on the brand promise."

Ensuring relevance

"As technology advances, so must the role of the human professional. FP Canada will steer the strategic direction of the financial planning profession to ensure relevance of the human planner in an increasingly technological world," says Cary List, President and CEO of FPSC.

The FPSC says full details about FP Canada will be released in November.

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